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A Neighborhood sushi Restaurant

At Rocky Yama, we believe in creating an experience of hospitality and comfort. Serving fresh flavors that take you to the oceans and landscapes of Japan without airfare also, by creating an experience through its own great service and atmosphere. We love creating a restaurant where we can have a positive impact on our teams, customers, and community.

801 Santa Fe Dr Denver, CO 80204   | 303-954-9562 |

Plate of Sushi

Utilizing specialized seafood sourced from Japan and around the world to bring forth a sushi experience

that focuses on freshness, flavor & texture.


For delivery we apologize we do not do it in house, however we do partner with companies that provide couriers service platform for ordering and delivering food. 

Rice Balls and Eggs

We love hearing from our customers and we value your feedback. Send us your questions, comments or feedback so we can serve you better.

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